FREE Roof Survey

At Fortuna we strive to not only meet our customers expectations, but to exceed them.

This is why we offer a completely FREE roof survey. During this survey we do checks to ensure your property is as energy efficient as possible.

Here’s the best part if your current insulation is doing as its supposed to we will leave you with a full written inspection report and that’s that…


If on the other hand your property isn’t as efficient as it could be our representative will talk to you about the most efficient product on the market today LAPOLLA spray foam.

What We Check

A full inspection of the outside roof
Check Ridge tiles
Check Hip tiles
Check chimney Flashing
Check Field tiles
Check Valleys
Check guttering
A full inspection of your internal roof (Loft/Attic)
Check Felt
Check to see any daylight coming through
Check wood structure for damp or damage
Check for damp patches on ceiling
In room below loft check for damp at top of walls
In ground floor room check bottom of walls for damp


If this is something that interests you and you’d like to know how you could save upto 40% on your energy bills then book your FREE NO OBLIGATION roof survey now.

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