Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lapolla Spray Foam?

Lapolla is a liquid made from polyurethane (recycled plastic bottles) that is sprayed through a spray gun.

When introduced to the atmosphere in a spray, the foam expands gradually up to 100 times its original volume.

It is used in areas such as your roof space, at rafter level.

This helps keep warm air in during the winter and helps your house stay cooler during the summer.

The added benefits of this type of insulation is the benefit of sound insulation, thus reducing noise pollution.

And it also acts as a second defence for your roof helping to reduce damage.

Lapolla is the first manufacturer of spray foam to commercialize SPF (sun protection factor) containing an LBA ( liquid blowing agent)

with low global warming potential and 0 o-zone depletion

Why Do I Need Lapolla Spray Foam?

All buildings show expansion and contraction due to environmental conditions, like changes in temperature.

Traditional insulation materials cannot adapt to these conditions.

Spray foam insulation benefits from an open cell structure that can air seal your building at a lower cost.

It is permeable in nature allowing moisture to be removed.

The flexible nature of the substance allows it to expand and contract as your building does in different climate zones maintaining the air seal created.

What Is Open Cell & Closed Cell Spray Foam?

Foam structures consist of a flexible material that is filled with bubbles of gas (or just air).

There are two main types of spray foam, closed cell and open cell.

In closed cell foams, the bubbles are encompassed entirely in the liquid.

When the foam sets, each bubble forms a trapped discrete pocket of gas.

In an open cell foam, the bubbles all merge with one another, so a gas can travel through the foam (imagine a sponge).

This gives the two different types of foams different properties.

I Have Fibre Glass Insulation Why Should I Get Spray Foam?

The composition of fiberglass insulation does not stop air from passing through it.

On average, more than 30% of heat or air conditioning escapes where fiberglass insulation is installed.

If poorly installed, fiberglass can also leave spaces around fixtures, allowing even more heating or cooling to escape.

Spray foam insulation fills all spaces, preventing air from escaping.

It acts as an air barrier.

Spray foam insulation is significantly more efficient than fiberglass and has a higher R-value

What Happens To My Existing Fibre Glass Loft Insulation?

We remove your old fibre glass on every job we do…

Obviously if we are replacing fibre glass it isn’t doing the job its meant to be doing.

Fortuna are very environmentally friendly and dispose of all fibre glass to be recycled.

This is a very new way of disposal as it was widely believed that it couldn’t be done..

but owing to the fact fibre glass is mainly made up of sand it makes it a perfect material to make into cement.

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