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Lapolla Polyurethane Spray Foam

There is no better home insulating material that can seal your home from air and moisture intrusion, save on costly utility bills, strengthen your home,

and protect your family’s health from dangerous mold, airborne pollutants, and allergens than the Lapolla spray foam insulation.

Air moves in and out of a home through every hole, crack, and crevice. Roughly 33% of air infiltrates through walls, ceiling, and floors.

Adding an advanced insulation system is necessary to achieve optimal building performance. Lapolla is that advanced insulation system.

Spray foam insulation can maximize a homeowner’s investment by sealing the building envelope to stop conditioned indoor air from escaping and prevent unconditioned air from entering a home.

Air exchange in and out of a home is a leading cause of escalated energy bills.

The mechanical systems that heat and cool buildings are continuously operating; reducing extreme temperature variations saves on the overuse of mechanical systems and leads to lower energy bills.

Save On Your Energy Bills


Fortuna’s energy efficient spray foam insulation, when properly installed, can deliver energy savings of up to 45% for the life of your property.

New Home or Upgrade Existing


Spray foam insulation can be added to your existing home replacing the current insulation, or it can be applied to a new home being built.

Earth Friendly


The first in the world to use an earth friendly spray foam, that reduces the carbon footprint of your home allowing you to literally Live Green. Every Day.

Highest Level of Performance


Foam insulation is a performance upgrade over conventional insulation that leads to energy efficiency, improved occupant comfort, and noise reduction.

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