Composite Doors

First impressions count and you can make no better first impression than choosing a FHS. Composite door that is virtually impossible to tell apart from a new timber door.

All FHS Composite doors combine all the strength and security of timber but with far superior insulation properties. What’s more you’ll never have to paint them and they’re impervious to weathering.

FHS Doors are Available in a wide choice of colours and styles you can also select from an extensive range of patterned glass options and different style fixtures and fittings, to find something which suits your property be it contemporary or traditional.

In addition you have the option of either 1 or 2 matching side panels to create an even more striking entrance to your home.

FHS Composite Door Range

The FHS Composite door construction          

  • Strong through-colour GRP skin
  • High-insulation foam core
  • Stable timber inner frame
  • Pioneering 100% recycled reinforcement
  • Aluminium threshold
  • Dedicated 70mm reinforced PVC-U frame
  • Full face aluminium hinge and lock plates
  • Weather-tested to BS6375


Why FHS use composite? Composite doors are considered to be among the best available due to their high performance, hard wearing and low maintenance features. Made from a superb glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) which combines all the very best aspects of plastic and glass into one highly durable material, there is no equivalent in security and energy efficiency.

All FHS doors have been externally tested and have passed the general performance requirement for door assemblies as required under PAS23-1-1995 (including annex D covering thermal cyclic tests) and PAS 24, enhanced security performance.

Being a licence holder for the prestigious ‘Secure by Design’ assures the effectiveness of Black Diamond Door Range by being approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers.


FHS Composite Door Range

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards of performance, fitted composite doors are completely weatherproof to eliminate draughts and effectively insulate heat to help create a warm and energy efficient environment while you also benefit from reduced heating bills. The doors also come with the latest multipoint-locking technology so you can rest assured that your house is equipped with unbeatable protection and security.

Ideal for front or back doors in properties of all shapes, sizes and periods, the composite door will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house but will create a safer and more comfortable environment for you and your family to live in.

As you would expect from high quality composite doors, security is unparalleled. Rigid polymer subframe, high density polyurethane foam core, high impact resistant GRP skin and high quality multipoint locks with PAS 24 2012 accredited upgrades make your whole door installation “Secured By Design” endorsed

Check out our composite discovery doors here:

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**Illustrations used in this literature are for example purposes only- FHS offer a large range of designs to suit the customer’s requirements to be discussed further on appointment**

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